Welcome to Mary Valley Chamber of Commerce Inc.

The Mary Valley Chamber of Commerce Inc. aims to promote the Mary Valley as an attractive destination for all types of business including as an example:

  • Agri businesses;
  • Main street businesses in townships including Amamoor, Kandanga, Dagun and Imbil
  • Construction, housing and development;
  • Service and professional; and
  • Tourism and hospitality.

Together we identify and address key issues impacting businesses in the Mary Valley by having processes that will:

  • Affect a range of businesses and community groups;
  • Ensure plans of action are created that reflect a range of options from a variety of pro-active viewpoints; and
  • Create apolitical and inclusive approaches for finding solutions for issues raised.

With a focus on building inclusive and vibrant networks for Mary Valley businesses, we:

  • support the business community through the uncertain times facing us;
  • deal with changes using a pro-active and positive approach to enhance the future prosperity of the Valley;
  • welcome new businesses and assisting their establishment in the Valley; and
  • encourage members of all groups to develop their networks and work collaboratively with the business communities in the Valley; and
  • foster relationships with other Chambers and bodies including CCIQ to build strong business networks.

We advocate on behalf of Mary Valley businesses to all levels of government to ensure that any and all relevant concerns are followed up with the appropriate authority and disseminate information on training opportunities available for Mary Valley businesses.

Meeting Information

The Mary Valley Chamber of Commerce Inc. (MVCCI) invites all businesses to attend MVCCI meetings.

General Meetings are held on the first Wednesday every month and commence at 6.15pm for 6.30pm start. Meetings are held at various member locations throughout the Valley.  Members and visitors are welcome to attend please email – secretary@mvcoc.com.au for more information.

Annual General Meetings are held on the first Wednesday in March each year and commence at 6.00pm for a 6.30pm start, the AGM is held at the Imbil bowls Club.

Executive Meetings are held as and when required and are attended by members of the MVCCI executive.

Minutes of meetings are available for viewing by members. Please contact the Secretary.