Yabba-do Brangus Stud

Address: Bergins Pocket Road, Kandanga
Mobile: 0427 106 067
Email: engeman79@hotmail.com 
Website: www.yabbadobrangus.com.au

The stud has been operated in the Mary Valley, Qld since 2005 by Naomi Cooney on behalf of the Engeman Family Trust. In the last 10 years it has been the goal to source new bloodlines that will compliment and build the genetic base of the Brangus breed. This resulted in trips to the US every other year to ensure that we had a better understanding of the animals that were being marketed. The visual inspection of not only the sires but the females and the progeny of both was an important part of the visits.

At Yabba-Do we have always culled accordingly to ensure fertility and structural soundness as a base. Females are expected to calve each year, have sound udders and mothering ability. Animals feet are never trimmed and the ability to handle the tick and fly conditions is important with animals really affected, culled. 

Please feel free to give us a call to come and view the herd. Bulls and females are available all year round for private sale.